Monday, June 12, 2017

DDI design detailed at OTEA conference

Garver Transportation Project Managers Jenny Sallee and Mike Spayd recently presented at the Oklahoma Traffic Engineering Association’s spring conference in Ardmore, Oklahoma detailing the traffic analysis and preliminary design of a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) at I-35 and Waterloo Road just north of Edmond, Oklahoma. Three different interchange configurations were included in the preliminary engineering study, and the DDI was selected based on its ability to handle the existing and projected traffic congestion.
This DDI is the first to be designed by Garver’s engineers and may be the first completed on an Oklahoma interchange (the Oklahoma Department of Transportation recently began working on design of another DDI that could be constructed first). The DDI is a relatively new interchange design that allows traffic to move to the left side of the cross road in advance of the interchange. This configuration eliminates intersection conflict points, signal phases, and left turns crossing through traffic at the ramps. Garver proposed the idea at this location during the project interview because Mike recognized it would best serve the traffic volume patterns, which include high ramp volumes and low through volumes, at the interchange.

“We treated this as an opportunity to show clients and those in the industry that Garver isn’t apprehensive about applying innovation to roadway solutions,” Jenny said. “The selection of this interchange design will improve safety as well as accommodate existing and future traffic demands.”

Engineers are currently on the second phase of the project, which includes detailed design and preparation of construction plans. Construction is currently scheduled to begin in 2022.

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