Monday, March 31, 2014

ACEC Recognizes Garver for ARFF Communications Upgrade at Clinton National Airport

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Arkansas recently awarded Garver an Engineering Excellence Award in the Building/Technology Systems for small projects category for work done on the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport Aircraft Rescue and Firefighters (ARFF) Communications Upgrade project.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport had a serious problem with a vital communications system that provides dedicated emergency response communications on the airfield and they needed an immediate solution. Garver provided the technical experience and knowledge to analyze the problem and assemble a solution for providing a replacement system to meet current FAA guidelines, correct system deficiencies, add Dispatch to the overall three-way conversation, and provide several improvements to the old system.

The new crash phone system provides a new, reliable and efficient communications system, thereby helping to better protect the public who use the airport as well as the airport and other agency staff who work on the airfield. The robust, expandable and scalable solution met and exceeded the expectations of the airport, the air traffic controllers, and the firefighters, all of whom utilize the system. The innovative engineering analysis of existing cabling and coordinating new cabling installations in other projects on the airfield kept the project ahead of schedule and under budget. This highly complex system required a unique and specific solution for the airport, and Garver's experienced team provided just that.

Congratulations to our Aviation Electrical Team for winning an Engineering Excellence Award two years in a row. Find out more about last year's award here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pre-Schoolers Visit Garver's Tulsa Office

Pre-schoolers from Riverfield Country Day School recently visited Garver’s Tulsa Office as part of the school’s weekly field trip program to provide first-hand experiences in a broad, relevant context and lay a foundation for comprehension of the world in which the children live.

“It was great to see their bright faces and curiosity with the items in the room,” said Garver Project Manager Jenny Sallee.

Among other activities, Garver staff talked to the students about the importance of roads and bridges before the kids sketched pictures of some recent Garver bridge projects.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” said Garver Project Manager Matthew Youngblood. “The kids were much more focused and interested than I expected them to be. You could tell some of them have a high potential to become engineers.”

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Balentine Chairs Board of Mississippi Intermodal Council

The Mississippi Intermodal Council has elected Garver Senior Project Manager and Environmental Team Leader Ray Balentine, PE, PLS, as chairman of its board. As chairman, Ray will lead the council in representing the interests of airports, water ports, railroads and public transit in Mississippi. He’ll hold the position until February 2015.

"It's very humbling to be asked to serve by a group of industry professionals for which I have the highest respect," he said.

Members of the council include the executive director of MDOT, mayors, water port and airport directors, rail operators, public transit providers, and many others from the public and private sectors.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

ACEC Recognizes Garver for Auburn Airport Project

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Alabama recently awarded Garver an Engineering Excellence Award in the Transportation category for work done on the Auburn University Airport Taxiway Extension project.

The airport extended Taxiway Charlie by 2,200 feet, including two connecting taxiways. This extension connects the Runway 36 threshold with the new terminal development area and eliminates the need for aircraft to make routine midfield crossings. However, to make this connection, the taxiway extension needed to cross a capped landfill that’s been in existence for over 25 years and contained approximately 12 feet of compressible landfill debris containing topsoil, vegetative debris, construction waste and scrap metal under a 2- to 3-foot cap of clay. This clay had to be excavated and replaced to construct a stable foundation for the taxiway extension and its associated safety area.

Garver’s engineers determined the landfill boundaries and estimated how much debris needed to be removed and replaced to get the proper base laid for the taxiway. This required 29,000 cubic yards of landfill excavation. Construction contractor D&J Enterprises of Auburn implemented a creative solution to reuse the excavated landfill material. In essence, the material was removed from the taxiway footprint and sorted. Organic soil was reused by local landscapers, trees were chipped and reused for mulch, metals were salvaged for recycling, and topsoil was reused to cap the project’s embankments. Less than 12 percent of the 29,000 cubic yards of landfill material was transported to another landfill.

For more information, visit:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Garver Launches AssetMax to Lead Pavement Management Industry

Garver spent nearly 30 years perfecting its strategy for assisting airports in managing pavement. While the Aviation Team continues its work at airports across the country, Garver created AssetMax to have a team solely devoted to taking this pavement management expertise to the private industry. By focusing on saving companies money, AssetMax hopes to transform how the world manages pavement assets by integrating engineering, statistics, and analytics to provide innovative business solutions.

The AssetMax Team will be led by Keith Tencleve, PE, and Suzanne Peyton, PE, each of whom developed an expert understanding of pavement management while serving a combined 24 years with Garver’s Aviation Team.

For more information on how AssetMax can increase your profits through calculated maintenance, contact Keith at or Suzanne at

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jones Wins State Mountain Bike Championship Series

Director of Water Services Steve Jones, PE, recently received his state champion bicycle jersey for the 2013 Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series. He finished atop the standings for the Category 2: Master 50-59 age group while racing for the Boston Mountain Cyclists/Walmart Team. Way to go, Steve.

Garver understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and cycling is one of the many ways in which our employees maintain that balance. Garver's employees have created a pro-bicycling atmosphere within the company. It's one of the reasons the League of American Bicyclists awarded Garver a Silver designation as a top bicycle-friendly business.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Langhammer Gives Presentation on ABC Methodology at Auburn Transportation Conference

Garver Bridge Team Leader Jason Langhammer recently addressed attendees at Auburn University’s 57th annual transportation conference to discuss accelerated bridge construction (ABC) methodology and the success of its implementation for the replacement of the Cottonwood Creek Bridge in Creek County, Okla.

The use of ABC methodology for the Cottonwood Creek Bridge will improve workzone safety while eliminating the need for temporary roadway construction and minimizing environmental impacts. In addition, traffic impacts and associated user costs are greatly reduced.

“Considering the expenses attributed to user delay and fuel costs, it's estimated that motorists and the state's economy will save approximately $2 million [at Creek County]," Jason said.

Bridge construction is currently in progress, and includes two main phases. In the first phase, the new substructure elements will be constructed under the existing bridge, then the temporary supports and the proposed superstructure will be constructed adjacent to the existing bridge while it remains in service. Once completed, the second phase requires a short term detour in order to demolish the existing bridge, sliding the new bridge into its permanent location, and performing final bridge and paving connections.

Garver is using innovative methodologies to shorten project delivery, enhance the safety of highways, and mitigate user and environmental impacts.


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