Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out of the Classroom and into the Workplace

Garver hosted two "externships" in January that invited college students to explore and experience Garver's Tulsa, Oklahoma workplace and observe day-to-day activities.

An externship is a shadowing experience designed to help students explore their chosen career fields in a real-time environment outside a classroom. Garver invited seniors with academic majors in civil, transportation, traffic, and bridge specialties to participate in the day-long program.

The externships offer students a glimpse into their professional possibilities after graduation. This real-work opportunity provides an engineering experience that both reinforces their education and invites them to take an inside view of Garver's professionals at work.

As part of the Garver Tulsa office externship, students:
  • listened to a presentation about Garver
  • toured the office and met with staff
  • attended a team meeting and listened as projects were discussed
  • shadowed an engineer who introduced them to ongoing design projects
  • toured the Tulsa area and visited several Garver project sites (both under construction and completed) to see the transition between designs and construction

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Helping Cities Find Their Voices

This past weekend, Garver served as the event partner for the second annual Oklahoma Congress of Mayors at the Oklahoma State Capitol in the House Chambers.

Mayors and vice mayors from across Oklahoma came together to discuss key issues and share ideas relevant to municipalities. Garver provided financial support for the event that offers city leaders a way to have their voices be heard on important municipal topics. Michael Graves, Garver's water group leader and treatment plant operations specialist, also serves on a water advisory committee to the Congress of Mayors. He has been called on to provide information on regulations, funding, and other water and wastewater issues.

The congress provides the mayors a time to debate and eventually present critical issues to the Oklahoma legislature on such topics as water resources and utility planning, transportation, public safety, economic development, municipal finance, and municipal operations.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tank Raising in 16 Seconds

It took approximately two hours to lift a 500,000-gallon water tank up an 80-foot concrete column in Elgin, Oklahoma last week. Today you can watch it in 16 seconds.

Garver provided design and construction oversight to construct the city's water tower, and several project engineers were on hand to watch it go up. The 130,000-pound tank has a 58-foot diameter and a top height of 130 feet. Garver designed the concrete shaft with a welded steel tank to ensure stability and strength while being cost effective.

"The tank is specifically designed to withstand high winds common in southwest Oklahoma, as well as other climatic and geologic events," said Garver engineer Ian Toohey.

The composite elevated storage tank is part of a larger $1.7 million water system improvements project that includes rehabilitating water supply wells, constructing a transmission line into Elgin, and making several distribution system improvements.

Make sure to watch the video in full screen, and look closely at the top of the structure. Garver is well represented.

Construction Facts
  • The tank is designed to resist a wind shear of greater than 100 mph.
  • The structure is designed to handle more than 33 tons of snow accumulation.
  • The tank and foundation are designed to withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Garver's Emerging Leaders

Rusty TateBlake Roberson
Two Garver employees are participating in the Emerging Leaders program, sponsored by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Arkansas and the Arkansas Society of Professional Engineers.

Blake Roberson and Rusty Tate are attending sessions and classes to further develop their leadership and professional skills. Topics include conflict resolution, public speaking, and contracts and risk reduction.

“The Emerging Leaders program is improving my management and oversight skills," Roberson said. "A large part of a leader’s success is founded in team interaction and relationships. By improving my management skills, I can build stronger relationships with my team members and improve our ability to work together.”

This is the program's third year, and eight students are involved in the program.

"I've picked up skills that will serve me well in my professional career, such as the importance of understanding and managing different personalities and expectations - and how crucial that is to a successful team and project," Tate said.

Garver's Keith Tencleve graduated from the program in 2009-2010, and Todd Mueller participated in the 2010-2011 class.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Professional Engineers

Five Garver employees passed their exams and received their professional engineering licenses.

Lance Klement, PE is an engineer in Garver's Water Group. Lance works in our Norman, Oklahoma office and has been with Garver for four years.

Matthew LeMay, PE is an electrical engineer in Garver's Aviation Group. Matthew works in our North Little Rock, Arkansas office and has been with Garver for four years.

Steve Rice, PE is an engineer in Garver's Water Group. Steve works in our Norman, Oklahoma office and has been with Garver for three years.

Dustin Tackett, PE is an engineer in Garver's Transportation Group. Dustin works in our North Little Rock, Arkansas office and has been with Garver for four years.

Fred Walker, PE is an engineer in Garver's Water Group. Fred works in our North Little Rock, Arkansas office and has been with Garver for three years.


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