Friday, March 29, 2013

MOVITE Journal Publishes Paper By Nathan Becknell

Nathan Becknell, PE, PTOE, a project manager in Garver's transportation group, had his technical paper published in the spring issue of the MOVITE Journal. Nathan wrote the article to help engineers better understand how a spring contributes to peak flow during a storm.

Nathan summarized his paper with the following introduction:
Engineers are commonly tasked with determining the peak flow of a particular tributary or basin during a storm. Widely accepted current practices focus on surface characteristics such as topography, vegetation, and infiltration. What should engineers do when a spring is encountered within the basin of interest?
Little, if any, existing research applies directly to this problem. This paper summarizes existing research and concepts from the field of Karst Hydrogeology (The study of relationships between soluble rocks and processes with flowing ground water), and relates these to hydrology to better address this question.
You can read Nathan's paper in the spring 2013 issue, on pages 6-9. Nathan is serving on the Missouri Valley Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (MOVITE) as the Executive Board Director. This institute revolves around engaging engineers in the planning, design, and operation of streets, highways, and other transportation facilities.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Franklin Office Mentors Engineering Students

Garver’s Franklin office is mentoring a group of six civil engineering students from Tennessee Tech University by assisting with their Senior Design Project. In partnership with the county government in Gainesboro, Tennessee, Garver selected for the mentoring project a T-hangar and apron expansion project at the Jackson County Airport, which is just a short drive from campus.

"The students will be able to see the project actually constructed as they finish up their design," said Ryan Sisemore, PE, who leads Garver's aviation team in Franklin. The project features multiple interacting aspects, including structural, environmental, and transportation elements. "We selected this project for its complexity and because it is currently in design by the Franklin aviation team." As such, it was the perfect project for students to gain practical design experience and to see the result of that design.

With six engineers in the Franklin office who are Tennessee Tech graduates, they were more than happy to help with the Senior Design Project and give experience to young engineers who will someday join them in the industry.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Garver's Website Has A New Look

Give your tablet a tap-tap
or your mouse a few clicks,
visit Garver's new website,
see our new layout and pics.

See the people we help
and the work that we do.
There's so much to see
'cause there's so much that's new.

We've got pictures and projects
and rotators and slides
working together to show you
the work Garver provides.

So pause for a sec,
it won't take much time.
and stop reading this rhyme.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Garver Employees Go the Distance

Garver employees and their families braved the cold to run in the 11th Annual Little Rock Marathon this March. The race is a weekend event that includes a marathon, half-marathon, 10k, and 5k Fun Run. Twelve Garver employees, along with family members, participated in the races. For many runners, it was their first time to race.

Joel Skinner

Project Engineer Joel Skinner fulfilled a long-time goal by running the half-marathon. "It was the toughest physical challenge for me. But it was one of the coolest and rewarding experiences," he said. "My running goal was 2 hours, and I made it in 1 hour, 54 minutes." 

"I certainly have more respect for those 26.2 stickers on people's cars after knowing what they went through," said Assistant Controller James Grotjohn, who ran in his first marathon.

According to reports, more than 8,300 marathoners and half-marathoners signed up for the event, as well as 1,600 10k runners.

Bree Rush, Nancy Fulmer, James Grotjohn, Tatiana Herrington, David Page, and Laura Nick

"I was impressed with the amount of people who came out in support—despite the cold weather—and was thankful to have them cheering us to the finish," said Project Engineer David Page, who trained for 3 months for the half-marathon.

"The thing I like the best about running events like this is getting right in the middle of the event itself, the thousands of runners, the bands along the route, the volunteers who help and encourage you, and the spectators who ring the cowbells and carry signs,” said Project Manager Bob Sunta, also mentioning that his favorite sign said, “Keep Running! The Zombies Are Right Behind You!"

It was a family affair for others as well: Project Manager Madison McEntire’s daughter MacKenzie, Water Team Leader Paul Strickland’s daughter Katie, and Project Manager Todd Mueller’s wife Kay participated in the races.

The theme of this year's Marathon was "Lucky in Little Rock," which perfectly expressed what the racers felt.

"I feel extremely 'lucky' and blessed to be able to run with my co-workers, my family, my friends, and truly inspiring and courageous people," said Administrative Assistant Bree Rush, who ran the 10k with a friend.

Below is a list of Garver employees who participated in the weekend's races. Congratulations to everyone who ran.

Full Marathon: James Grotjohn, Bob Sunta
Half Marathon: Nancy Fulmer, Mike Griffin, Tatiana Herrington, Laura Nick, David Page, Joel Skinner
10k: Greg Archer, David Gambill, Claire McKinney, Bree Rush

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Robert Johnson Brings 30 Years of Energy Experience

Robert Johnson, PE has joined Garver’s Energy Group, and he brings with him 30 years of experience in design, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance of G&T cooperative transmission facilities. Robert is a Senior Project Manager and is centrally located in our North Little Rock, Arkansas office.

Robert's projects have ranged from power plant assets to substation distribution breakers. He has extensive electrical, mechanical, and structural experience in areas of relaying, metering, SCADA, telecommunications, substations, transmission lines, and distribution delivery points. He has also improved and developed designs, standards, material specifications, and construction specifications for power delivery systems.

Garver Energy Services
Garver provides generation, transmission, and distribution services designed to client standards. When systems need updating or expanding, Garver develops designs that meet today’s standards while satisfying each client’s unique requirements. Garver’s custom designs and energy knowledge encourage a system’s smooth transition into new energy infrastructure.

Electrical Job Openings
If you're an electrical engineer, Garver has openings for an electrical group project manager on our water team in Fayetteville, Arkansas, as well as intern positions. Check out our list of current openings.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Garver's Newest Vice Presidents

Garver’s Board of Directors and Management Committee has appointed new vice presidents within the company. Congratulations to the following employees for these well-deserved promotions and appointments.

Michael Graves, Water Team Leader
Frank McIllwain, Texas Aviation Director
Earl Mott, Director of Construction Services
Jerry McCarley, Development Team Leader
John Ruddell, Bridge Design Manager
Brent Schniers, Transportation Team Leader
Ryan Sisemore, Aviation Team Leader
Jeff Sober, Water Team Leader
John Watkins, Director of Federal Services
Scott Zotti, Water Design Center Leader

Michael Graves
Frank McIllwain
Earl Mott
Jerry McCarley
John Ruddell
Brent Schniers
Ryan Sisemore
Jeff Sober
John Watkins
Scott Zotti


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