Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Earning the Aviation Merit Badge

Perry Havenar (left) helps the Boy Scouts earn the Aviation Merit Badge.
Garver Senior Aviation Planner Perry Havenar is helping a Texas Boy Scouts of America Troop earn the Aviation Merit Badge. In early October, Havenar introduced Troop 1177 to the world of aviation and spent 1.5 hours talking with the Scouts about aviation history, aerodynamics, aircraft engines, and airport design.

Joe McAnally
Perry also joined with Joe McAnally,
Addison Airport operations manager and Eagle Scout, to give the Scouts a behind-the-scenes tour of the airfield on October 19. They visited the American Flyers maintenance hangar, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle and fire station, and airport management offices. The Scouts received 2 hours of hands-on exposure to the aviation world and the many careers it offers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buddy Walk

Garver's Shannon Hanks and her family recently participated in a Buddy Walk hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Buddy Walk is an advocacy event in which people with Down syndrome invite "buddies" to walk with them. The Hanks family participated for the third consecutive year and were buddies for their son, Tyler.

The Buddy Walk promotes October as National Down Syndrome Awareness month and encourages greater acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. It is an inspirational and educational day that celebrates people with Down syndrome and their many abilities and accomplishments.

The walk has expanded from 17 walks nationwide in 1995 to more than 300 this year. In Tulsa, more than 5,000 people attended the ninth annual walk and event activities, which began in 2002 with 500 people.

Garver served as an event Gold Sponsor.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pulling for Education Trap Shoot

Garver's Gary Bennett takes aim during the trap shoot competition.
Garver employees are continually finding ways to support and give back to their communities. At the end of September, and for the third consecutive year, a group of Garver employees competed in a competitive clay pigeon shooting contest to raise funds for a two-year, higher-education institution.

Garver organized two teams and participated with 60 shooters and 20 teams in the Fifth Annual Pulling for Education Trap Shoot in Columbus, Arkansas. Proceeds benefited the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Foundation. Garver's team of Gary Bennett, Jim Ward, and John Ed Watkins won first place in the second flight. Glynn Fulmer, TJ Bruck, and Blake Martin also teamed together.

Left to Right: Gary Bennett, Representative David "Bubba" Powers, U.S. Congressman Mike Ross, John Ed Watkins, Jim Ward, and Chris Thomason, Chancellor of the UofA Community College at Hope

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New ASCE Officers

Garver congratulates Nick Braddy, EI; Kyle Williams, EI; and Wayne Black, PE on their service as 2011-2012 branch officers for the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Nick is serving his second consecutive term as the Tulsa, Oklahoma Branch Secretary. Nick is an engineer in our Transportation Group and has worked with Garver for 2.5 years.

Kyle is serving as the Tulsa Branch Young Member Contact. Kyle is an engineer in our Transportation Group and joined Garver in May.

Wayne is serving as the Jackson, Mississippi Branch Vice President and recently completed a term as Treasurer. Wayne is an engineer in our Transportation Group and has worked with Garver for 5 years.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inspiring a New Generation of Engineers

"Carmen Cobb is harvesting her cornfield. She planted 270 rows of corn, and there are 130 corncobs in each row. It will take Carmen 18 hours to harvest her corn. How many corncobs did Carmen Cobb collect every hour?"

Whew. Remember the days of fifth-grade word problems? At the time, they may not have seemed important, but they foster knowledge application and problem solving skills - which just so happen to be essential in construction services.

Jim Heard, a Garver senior construction observer, recently visited several fifth-grade classes in Jay, Oklahoma. During his interaction with 100 students, Jim demonstrated why math and science are important on the job site. Jim's visit was a hit, and the teacher sent Garver the following thank you note:

"The students really enjoyed getting to hear how the math and science they use in class can be applied to the real world! I've had parents tell me that since Mr. Heard's talk, their children have quizzed them on information about highways and bridges as they drive over them. What better way to get kids involved in learning!"

And don't think that you're off the hook. Put that calculator in a drawer and grab a trusty pencil. How many corncobs were collected every hour?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recruiting the Best Talent

Tulsa transportation engineers Jenny Sallee and Michael Winterscheidt recently visited their alma mater to participate in the Oklahoma State University College of Engineering Architecture and Technology career fair. Many students stopped by the Garver booth, and we received resumes from students in various engineering fields, including civil, electrical, environmental, and construction management technology.

"Career fairs are always an exciting way to keep in touch with the young engineering community. They're the future of our industry," Sallee said.

Our Tulsa and Norman offices are a great place for young engineers to discover their niche in the industry and for experienced professionals to advance their careers. Our offices are growing and need quality engineers; the Tulsa Business Journal listed our Tulsa office as a Top Place to Work; and Garver's education reimbursement program helps engineers achieve higher education degrees. For more information on Garver job opportunities, visit our Website.


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