Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spires Earns Wetlands Scientist Certification

Garver congratulates Environmental Specialist Jeremy Spires, who serves on Garver’s Transportation Team in the Franklin, Tenn. office, for earning his professional wetlands scientist (PWS) certification.

“Obtaining the PWS certification is an acknowledgment by fellow scientists that I have the skill set and knowledge to be considered a professional in the field of wetland science,” Jeremy said.

While no license or certification is required to conduct wetland delineations or assessments, Garver takes pride in providing clients with the most highly trained professionals available. People like Jeremy are the key to consistently delivering quality and cost-effective solutions.

To find out more about Garver's environmental services, contact Jeremy at, or Environmental Team Leader Ray Balentine at  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Former Garver Leaders Come Together

Left to Right: Bill Driggers, Ron Pierce, Ted Hannah, Sanford Wilbourn, Dan Williams.

Garver was recently honored to host its living former-presidents. Current President and CEO Dan Williams treated his predecessors to lunch and an informal presentation of Garver’s current operations.

Sanford Wilbourn led the company from 1970-1986, Bill Driggers from 1986-1993, Ted Hannah from 1993-1998, and Ron Pierce from 1998-2003. Dan Williams took the helm in 2012 following the loss of former President and CEO Brock Johnson. The two remaining heads of the company were founder Neal Garver and his son Mark, who led the company until 1970.

To learn more about Garver’s 95-year history, click here.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Holder Makes the Case for QBS

The Municipal, a magazine devoted to America’s municipalities, recently published an article written by Garver Director of Transportation Jerry Holder. The article, entitled “Collaborative and under-budget: QBS projects,” addresses the benefits of qualification-based selection for procuring professional services as opposed to using bid contracts.

“Professional engineers pride themselves on delivering projects that save their clients’ money,” Jerry writes. “When professional services are bid…it limits professionals from using his or her talents for [the] constituents’ best benefit.”

Garver prides itself on building honorable relationships through consistently delivering high-quality, cost-efficient designs rather than being able to provide one-time clients with the cheapest short-term solution to long-term problems.

“With QBS the scope can be developed with less effort on the shoulders of the municipal staff by including the selected firm in the process,” Jerry writes. “Developing the scope of work together also cultivates a team atmosphere and creates a clear message for what the project will and will not entail.”

To read Jerry’s full article in The Municipal, click here.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Museum Promotes Engineering Through New Exhibit

Little Rock’s Museum of Discovery recently unveiled a new exhibit, supported in part by Garver, called Tech City, which offers visitors the chance to become engineers by solving typical problems engineers face.

“The Traffic Jam station is similar to what we do at Garver,” said Traffic Team Leader Nicci Tiner. “It teaches kids the reality that there is a process to engineering. You can’t just click a button to make things better.”

Other than the traffic station, the exhibit simulates 11 other engineering tasks, including building structures to withstand an earthquake, damming a creek to prevent flooding, and filtering water.

"One of our goals at the Museum of Discovery is helping young people establish a clear line of sight between science- and technology-related activities and careers in important, rewarding fields like engineering," said museum CEO Kelley Bass. "In Tech City our visitors will engage in some of the day-to-day tasks engineers take on and see that these activities can be fun and challenging."

Museum of Discovery CEO Kelley Bass with Garver President and CEO Dan Williams

Tech City will be on display through May 11. For more information visit or call 501-396-7050.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Facilities Design Team Grows Under a New Name

Garver's Facilities Design Team has expanded its client base with the hiring of two additional architects. John Ramsey, RA, LEED AP BD+C, and Richard Anderson, RA, LEED AP, bring a combined 51 years of broad-based project management and production experience in public and private sector projects of all sizes and complexities to the Garver Team.

Garver's Facilities Design Team has historically focused on federal projects, but has now expanded to provide building design expertise for clients in the federal, public and private sectors.

"Our niche at Garver is to bring all aspects of building design to the table," said Facilities Design Director John Watkins. "Our team is as multi-disciplined as they come. We provide civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and architectural design for a wide variety of project types and clients."

"Adding John and Richard to our team brings together a collection of diverse project experiences that coincide with work we’re already doing at Garver,” said Director of Architecture Greg Archer. “They've already proven themselves to be valuable assets to this growing team."

Learn more about Garver's Facilities Design Team by clicking here.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Garver Recognizes 95 Years

This year marks Garver’s 95th year of doing business. In 1919, Neal Garver resigned his position as an engineering professor at the University of Illinois to go find what he called “practical work.” When he found it in Arkansas, he started his own engineering consulting firm with business practices that ensured him practical work for the rest of his life. 

Those business practices are still carried on today by the nearly 400 employees in our 17 different offices in nine states. At Garver, we focus on building honorable relationships with clients through the promise of consistently delivering high-quality designs. That’s the strategy Garver has used since the beginning and we still proudly hold those founding values dear. We point to the advancements we’ve made to infrastructure, and we celebrate the relationships and the values that built it.

“For years, our clients have relied on Garver’s can-do approach to engineering,” said President and CEO Dan Williams, “and that’s exactly what we’re going to continue to deliver, through the century mark and beyond.”

For more on Garver's history, see


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