Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Garver holds open house at expanded Huntsville office

Garver employees and its clients gathered recently in Huntsville, Ala., to celebrate an updated and expanded space in one of its longest-running offices. 
Garver has maintained a presence in Huntsville for more than three decades, making it one of longest-tenured locations outside of its North Little Rock headquarters. In that time, Garver’s operations have grown into a diverse staff of engineers providing services across multiple business lines, including aviation, construction services, transportation, and water.

Garver’s Huntsville presence has delivered such successful projects as the first water utility in Alabama to use a blended series membrane process, upgrades to the Huntsville International Airport that allows it to accommodate some of the largest aircraft available, and the development of a roadway master plan through an annexed section of Limestone County.

“I am extremely proud of the role Garver has played over the years in improving the infrastructure in and around Huntsville and the north Alabama region,” said Garver vice president Jerry McCarley, who is based in the Huntsville office. “The expansion and improvements to our office space in Huntsville provides better facilities for our increasing staff and enables us to better serve all of our Alabama clients.”

To learn more about what Garver’s Huntsville office can do for you, call 256-534-5544.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Garver engineers elected to ASCE Tulsa branch positions

Five Garver engineers based in its Tulsa office have been elected to leadership positions within the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). All of those elected are project engineers on the Transportation Team in Garver’s Tulsa office.

Marius Kabera is serving the 2017-2018 term as branch Vice President. 
Jordan Jones is serving the one-year term as Branch Treasurer.

Ross Helliker is serving as the Secretary.

Austin Messerli is serving as the Young Member Chair.

 Chris Siebenmorgen is serving as Event & Hospitality Chair.

Congratulations to these Garver employees and all others across the Garver footprint who serve in integral leadership positions within industry and community organizations. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Odegard-Begay to lead Garver's Arizona Water Team

Garver Senior Project Manager Andrea Odegard-Begay has been promoted to lead the company's Arizona Water Team. In her new role, Andrea will lead all business operations related to water and wastewater treatment, reuse, and infrastructure from Garver’s Phoenix office.

Andrea is a Stanford graduate with 17 years of experience in water and wastewater systems. After growing up in Southern California, she began her career as a water engineer in Phoenix, and has been in Garver’s Frisco office since 2013. Her most significant work has involved the design of water and wastewater systems, including conventional and advanced treatment facilities, pump stations, ground and elevated storage tanks, and water and wastewater network piping.

“Andrea has been a crucial part of the success of many Texas water projects and we’re excited that she now gets to return home and use that expertise to benefit another growing market,” said Steve Jones, Garver Director of Water Services. “Arizona has a need for water infrastructure improvements, and Andrea is the perfect person to lead those efforts for our clients.”

“I have a passion for water, wherever it is in the water cycle,” Andrea said. "Our Arizona Water Team is ready to provide innovative, value-added solutions to preserve and enhance water resources and help ensure that a safe and abundant water supply remains available to all of Arizona.” 

Find out what Andrea and Garver's Arizona Water Team can do for you by contacting

Friday, May 19, 2017

Garver Publishes IQ Magazine Volume 9, Issue 1

Evolving and Expanding
In nearly a century of doing business, some services at Garver have been mainstays, like superior bridge and roadway design, and unwavering customer relationships. But just as strong is our instinct to evolve.

Fast-Track Lighting Upgrades
With one of three runways already closed for construction, replacing the Runway 4R-22L centerline lights was a critical task considering it would leave the airport with one open runway. Garver was entrusted to complete the repairs under an ambitious timeline needed to minimize impact on airport operations.

Back-to-Back Triple-Lane Roundabouts
New commercial development serves as a boon to any city. But just as important is making sure drivers can easily navigate their way in and out of that space. To accommodate up to 55,000 daily motorists on Highway 286 near I-40 in Conway, Garver created what is believed to be the first back-to-back, triple-lane roundabouts in the United States, which significantly improved the operational performance and safety of the interchange.

Keeping Programs on Task
A publicly-funded highway program that affects almost every corner of a state can be a daunting task. Take the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department’s Connecting Arkansas Program (CAP), a $1.8 billion, 10-year program funded by a voter-approved half-cent sales tax that includes 36 highway projects. Someone has to be behind the scenes keeping track of all the moving parts.

Furthering Expertise
As the newest member of Garver’s rapidly growing Water Technology Team, Dr. John Kabouris will serve as Water Technology Leader with more than two decades of experience in various aspects of environmental engineering.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Damaged in flood, coworkers pitch in to help repair Garver engineer's home

Jeff Webb left his Farmington home as storms began to cover Northwest Arkansas late last month. When he returned to survey the damage, about an inch of water covered the floors of his home, about seven inches covered his backyard, and he was left with a sizable cost and workload to return it to normal.
In stepped some of Jeff’s long-time coworkers at Garver’s Fayetteville office. Jeff, a Project Manager on the Transportation Team, got the help from eight coworkers while replacing insulation and drywall damaged during the April 29 storms. About 200-linear feet of wall, two-feet high, was replaced, amounting to about half of the walls in Jeff's home, which wasn't covered for flood damage.

"I already knew the type of people I worked with at Garver, so I wouldn't have expected anything else," Jeff said. "And considering that I'm trying to do a lot of the work myself, I've really appreciated the help."

With the urging of Senior Project Surveyor Paul Davis, a crew of eight Garver employees, and one former employee pitched in. The group included Senior Project Manager Chris Buntin, Senior Construction Observer Johney Boles, Project Surveyor Jeff Jones, Project Manager Jerry Martin, Project Engineer Jared Parr, Senior Project Manager Ron Petrie, and Project Manager Keith Tencleve, as well as former Garver employee Nathan Becknell.

Jeff and his family are hoping for a return to the home sometime in July.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Garver employees pitch in at Girls of Promise conference

Garver asserted itself over the years as one of the top companies in the industry by providing quality designs across multiple business lines. Part of what put Garver there – and a key to it staying there – is attracting, recruiting, and retaining the top female professionals by forming a relationship that begins long before students pick a career field.
Garver employees recently attended the Girls of Promise conference hosted by the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas, which was aimed at encouraging eighth-grade students to increase their course loads in STEM subjects with the goal of highlighting the benefits of careers in those fields. Project Engineer Jessica Halbrook, Corporate Recruiter Marque Lloyd, and Project Manager Claire McKinney, all from the North Little Rock office, attended the conference that provided them with a chance to speak with students from across the state. They answered questions about Garver projects, the benefits of careers in the A-E industry, and a typical day in the line of an engineer.

“As a student, I wasn’t aware of all the careers based in a solid foundation of Math and Science,” Jessica said. “Being able to share with these students and example of a future career in these fields
and possibly influence their paths is a privilege.”

Girls of Promise was started in 1999 to encourage girls to pursue courses in STEM subjects past the eighth grade, with goals toward careers in those fields. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Garver, STEM students meet at Texas State Capitol

Garver’s dedication to promoting the importance of a STEM education was recognized recently by the Texas House of Representatives, while it shared that message with about 200 students from across the state. The resolution passed by the Texas House accompanied “STEM Powered by Aviation at the Capitol” hosted by Rep. John Cyrier, who is also a licensed pilot.
Garver, which has eight offices in Texas, was recognized along with Southwest Airlines, Lockheed Martin, and Gulfstream Aerospace in the resolution for establishing partnerships that ensure students are prepared for future careers in aviation and promoting the acquisition of skills required for such a field. Developing a skilled workforce with a STEM foundation is “essential to the continued vitality” of aviation, which contributes significantly to the prosperity of Texas, the resolution said.

Garver Project Manager and Aviation Team Leader Josh Crawford spoke to the students at the Texas State Capitol about the GarverGives program and the importance of advancing STEM education for aviation. The students, most of whom attend Texas high schools, were given the chance to speak to Garver employees about A-E professions in the aviation industry.
“Getting out in the communities where we work is always a priority for us,” Josh said. “But it’s even better when we can meet face-to-face with students who are interested in our fields. We want to show them how rewarding a future career in our industry can be.”

Learn more about GarverGives at

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Garver up eight spots, now No. 166 on ENR Top 500

Garver keeps climbing the charts when it comes to the country's top design firms.

Garver came in at No. 166 on Engineering News-Record’s latest ranking of Top 500 design firms nationwide. It’s Garver’s best showing on the prestigious list, is an improvement of eight spots from last year, and marks an increase of 60 spots over the last five years. The list was compiled by ENR based on revenue for design services performed in 2016.

“Our continued rise in these rankings confirms what we and our clients already know, which is that Garver is one of the industry’s most reliable and trusted choices when it comes to design services,” said President and CEO Dan Williams. “We're going to build on this latest improvement by continuing to provide our clients with even more specialized capabilities from our offices spread across the country.”

To learn more about Garver's variety of services, visit

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

RCC Filter Pipe Gallery Improvements earn ACEC recognition

Garver’s ability to help alleviate moisture buildup in a Russellville City Corporation Water Treatment Plant filter gallery recently earned an Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Arkansas in the special projects category.
The RCC, which manages the water and wastewater systems for the city, identified five projects for improvements to its water treatment plant. One of the most pressing was to reduce the moisture buildup that accumulated in the treatment plant’s filter gallery. As temperature and humidity rose during the summer months, a humid condition was produced in the pipe gallery. The excess moisture would condense on the filter pipes, the walls of the gallery, and the other equipment to cause puddling and premature corrosion of the piping.

Garver chose a new coating system to be added to the pipe rather than dehumidification equipment, which would have reduced the humidity and moisture in the air, but also require additional controls, electrical systems, and other equipment. The coating system ceased corrosion on the pipes, provided the required thermal break, protection, and pipe color needed to identify the pipes. This solution was effective, required minimal maintenance, and no additional costs or training.


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