Monday, May 22, 2017

Odegard-Begay to lead Garver's Arizona Water Team

Garver Senior Project Manager Andrea Odegard-Begay has been promoted to lead the company's Arizona Water Team. In her new role, Andrea will lead all business operations related to water and wastewater treatment, reuse, and infrastructure from Garver’s Phoenix office.

Andrea is a Stanford graduate with 17 years of experience in water and wastewater systems. After growing up in Southern California, she began her career as a water engineer in Phoenix, and has been in Garver’s Frisco office since 2013. Her most significant work has involved the design of water and wastewater systems, including conventional and advanced treatment facilities, pump stations, ground and elevated storage tanks, and water and wastewater network piping.

“Andrea has been a crucial part of the success of many Texas water projects and we’re excited that she now gets to return home and use that expertise to benefit another growing market,” said Steve Jones, Garver Director of Water Services. “Arizona has a need for water infrastructure improvements, and Andrea is the perfect person to lead those efforts for our clients.”

“I have a passion for water, wherever it is in the water cycle,” Andrea said. "Our Arizona Water Team is ready to provide innovative, value-added solutions to preserve and enhance water resources and help ensure that a safe and abundant water supply remains available to all of Arizona.” 

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