Thursday, February 13, 2014

Museum Promotes Engineering Through New Exhibit

Little Rock’s Museum of Discovery recently unveiled a new exhibit, supported in part by Garver, called Tech City, which offers visitors the chance to become engineers by solving typical problems engineers face.

“The Traffic Jam station is similar to what we do at Garver,” said Traffic Team Leader Nicci Tiner. “It teaches kids the reality that there is a process to engineering. You can’t just click a button to make things better.”

Other than the traffic station, the exhibit simulates 11 other engineering tasks, including building structures to withstand an earthquake, damming a creek to prevent flooding, and filtering water.

"One of our goals at the Museum of Discovery is helping young people establish a clear line of sight between science- and technology-related activities and careers in important, rewarding fields like engineering," said museum CEO Kelley Bass. "In Tech City our visitors will engage in some of the day-to-day tasks engineers take on and see that these activities can be fun and challenging."

Museum of Discovery CEO Kelley Bass with Garver President and CEO Dan Williams

Tech City will be on display through May 11. For more information visit or call 501-396-7050.


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