Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out of the Classroom and into the Workplace

Garver hosted two "externships" in January that invited college students to explore and experience Garver's Tulsa, Oklahoma workplace and observe day-to-day activities.

An externship is a shadowing experience designed to help students explore their chosen career fields in a real-time environment outside a classroom. Garver invited seniors with academic majors in civil, transportation, traffic, and bridge specialties to participate in the day-long program.

The externships offer students a glimpse into their professional possibilities after graduation. This real-work opportunity provides an engineering experience that both reinforces their education and invites them to take an inside view of Garver's professionals at work.

As part of the Garver Tulsa office externship, students:
  • listened to a presentation about Garver
  • toured the office and met with staff
  • attended a team meeting and listened as projects were discussed
  • shadowed an engineer who introduced them to ongoing design projects
  • toured the Tulsa area and visited several Garver project sites (both under construction and completed) to see the transition between designs and construction


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