Thursday, August 18, 2016

RCC Earns "Best-Tasting Water" Honors

Russellville, Arkansas’s City Corporation (RCC) recently won the 2016 People’s Choice Award for "Best-Tasting Water" at the annual American Water Works Association (AWWA) in Chicago after conference attendees judged 23 winning samples from all across the country.

RCC previously won awards for best-tasting water in the state, as well as the three-state region (Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma), which qualified them to compete in Chicago.

“The infrastructure City Corp is using provides them with an outstanding water source and the means to deliver extremely high-quality drinking water to the people of Russellville and surrounding communities,” said Project Manager Aaron Stallmann.

Garver has served as City Corp’s water treatment plant consulting engineer for more than 30 years and was responsible for designing multiple expansion/optimization projects at the plant, as well as the water supply reservoir that holds nearly 6 billion gallons of water on more than 500 acres.

Congratulations to RCC for its deserved recognition!


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