Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spend a Dime, Save a Dollar

When a water or wastewater treatment facility is faced with correcting non-compliant operations, it's important to determine a solution before implementing modifications or new treatment alternatives. Hiring an independent operations consultant can provide an unbiased perspective and an evaluation audit of the treatment facility's operation. Taking this approach as a first step can be less costly than altering plant operations without fully understanding the issues.

Garver Water Operations Specialist Michael Graves has written an article detailing the importance of utilizing an operations consultant. Graves explains the steps behind a successful operations audit, which include evaluating existing plant performance, identifying opportunity for improvement, and optimizing corrective actions.

With this holistic approach, a utility can identify and correct performance limitations - and possibly avoid major capital improvements. Also, by conducting an operations audit first, utility administrators will have a tool for continuous plant optimization, operator training, and compliant operation for years to come.


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