Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Membrane Water Treatment Plant

Garver is designing a new water treatment plant in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and our design team is utilizing building information modeling (BIM) to enhance design and aid in public communication and awareness. BIM is a 3D-based technology that increases design efficiency and construction document accuracy.

The new plant will include a state-of-the-art, series membrane process involving ultrafiltration followed by reverse osmosis. These processes are designed to provide safer, softer water to city residents.

Because the membrane systems and ancillary equipment are intricate, Garver is using BIM to coordinate design disciplines within the facility. The new plant is located near historic Big Spring Park, and Garver capitalized on the benefits of BIM to create a realistic rendering to show residents how the facility will aesthetically fit within the site.

The project proposes new raw water pumping, pretreatment basins, UF and RO membranes, disinfection, and high-service pumping. Garver is currently providing design, and construction is scheduled to begin in the fall.


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