Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kaw Lake project draws attention

The City of Enid, Oklahoma recognized in 2009 that its traditional groundwater supply was diminishing. To replenish that supply, it looked to a lake 70 miles northeast of the city that officials expect to produce water for municipal and industrial users for up to 50 years.
Faced with the task of replacing an old system that relied solely on groundwater, Enid chose to mix surface and groundwater, highlighted by the construction of a 70-mile pipeline that will carry water from Kaw Lake to a new water treatment plant on the city’s west side. The current groundwater supply comes from wells located inside city limits, or just west of the city, some of which feature piping that was installed in the 1950s. The project was highlighted in the February issue of Municipal Water Leader, a national trade publication based in Washington D.C. that covers the water industry. It called the project “grand in scope.”

Garver is providing program management, environmental services, and lead design for the project. Phase One took all design aspects to 10 percent completion and was completed in July 2016. Phase Two, which will take all project components to 30 percent completion, began in January.

Michael Graves, a vice president and Garver’s Central Region Water Director, told the magazine that it is a “once-in-a-generation type” project for Enid and that Garver is “honored to be a partner in development of this regional water supply solution.”

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