Monday, April 4, 2016

Garver Volunteers at Middle School STEM Event

Ruth Doyle Middle School in central Arkansas recently hosted a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) event for students and parents. Nearly 30 presenters spoke on a variety of topics as a way to showcase all the areas STEM-related learning can be utilized.

Garver Project Engineer Daniel Hollinger presented on how water pressure works by using a large jug of water and a small tube of water, each with a pressure gauge at the bottom.

“As long as the height of the top of the water in the jug and in the tube was the same, so was the pressure,” he said. “Getting kids excited by teaching them how water pressure is related to the depth of the water—not the volume—was fun and it encourages them to pursue studying in this necessary field.”

An estimated 600 students and parents showed up to the event, which is the most well-attended STEM event the school has hosted, according to Shannon Maiden, a teacher at the middle school.

“So many industries and careers now focus around these concepts, it’s important to get kids excited about them at an early age,” Maiden said. “We want them to see that these areas can be exciting, fun and engaging.”

Garver appreciates employees like Daniel who volunteer their time and knowledge to make an impact on the next generation of engineers.


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