Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Garver Publishes IQ Volume 6 Issue 4

The newest issue of Garver's IQ should be in subscribers' mailboxes soon. In the meantime, you can begin reading our online edition now. This edition features:

Director's Insight
Garver Has Crafted Generation of Transportation Planning and Design
"Transportation planning and design is a craft that has been passed along through the generations of Garver engineers from Neal Garver to Sanford Wilbourn to Bill Driggers to Ted Hannah to our current Transportation Team leaders." Director of Transportation Jerry Holder
5th Street Improvements
Frisco, Texas
City Builds Complete Street
"We're connecting an historic downtown with a modern part of town, and we're doing it in a way that gives this neighborhood a safe place to drive, walk, and bike,"  Senior Project Manager Quinn Spann

Dennis F. Cantrell Field
Conway, Arkansas
City Get Safer Airport
"The first time I flew in here, I saw what every pilot and passenger who comes through will see—Conway has a world-class airport." — Project Manager Blake Roberson

Helena WWTP
Helena, Alabama
Nutrient Challange
"We worked with plant staff and city leaders to help convey what it takes to meet both the current and future permit limits, why it's important to treat for those permit requirements, and why plant improvements are necessary." Project Manager Wes Cardwell

Fairfax Bridge
Kansas City, Missouri
Design-Build Project
"This is our first chance to work for MoDOT on a major project, and we have two offices in this area because we want to build more than a bridge—we want to build a relationship." — Senior Project Manager Blake Blakemore


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