Friday, December 7, 2012

Winning Holiday Recipes

A week before Thanksgiving, employees at the North Little Rock, Arkansas office gathered for a huge meal and a little competition. Garver’s Annual Thanksgiving Celebration Lunch was enjoyed by over 85 employees.

“The time and effort everyone puts into preparing food makes this event very special,” said Daphne Ruck, who organized the event. The Finance department furnished turkey and ham, and everything from dressing to desert was prepared by employees. After giving thanks and enjoying the food, everyone voted for their favorites in the vegetable dish, salad, casserole, dressing, pie, cake, and cookie categories.

“Last year was the first time we held a recipe contest,” Daphne said. “I wanted to encourage people to participate with homemade dishes. This year, we increased the prize categories from four to seven, and we had a lot more participation.”

While all the food was delicious, these winning recipes deserve to be shared. If you need a new dish to serve for Christmas, we’ve included a link to the recipes. Thank you to all who organized, volunteered and cooked for the lunch, and congratulations to the winners. Enjoy!

Apple Cashew Salad - Adam Wierciak
Chess Squares - Seth Collier
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Allison Fasel
Dressing - Mary Kennedy
Jalapeno Cheese Grits - Lawren Wilcox
Hasbrown Casserole - Kendall White
Chocolate Cake - Fred Walker

Click to download the winning recipes.


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