Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garver Project Receives Award for $6 Million Surplus

The Mississippi Department of Transportation received an America's Transportation Award in the "Under Budget" category for its S-curve reconstruction project in Laurel, Mississippi—a Garver-designed project. The Under Budget Award recognizes the project's $6 million surplus, money that is now being used to improve additional portions of I-59. The project is now competing for the top transportation project in the nation.

The awards, which honor the year's best state department of transportation projects, is co-sponsored by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), AAA, and U.S. Chamber. The Under Budget Award "honors a project demonstrating transportation efficiency while promoting economic and fiscal responsibility. The award recognizes a successful project brought in under budget that provided the greatest cost savings to the state while offering maximum performance."

The S-curve project involved realigning a dangerous interstate curve with a 1,980-foot, six-lane, elevated bridge and three elevated ramps. Garver provided roadway and bridge design, comprehensive construction plans and phasing, traffic signalization, overhead and under-structure lighting, and signage. Garver is now providing services to widen and overlay an additional 2-mile stretch of I-59 immediately north of the S-curve.

The S-curve project is now competing as a Top 10 Project for AASHTO's Grand Prize. Voting is online and ends October 18. Vote today for the S-curve project! The winners of the Grand Prize and the People's Choice Award will be announced October 31 at AASHTO's annual meeting.


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