Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Garver expands services, adds commissioning

For decades, Garver has been one of the industry’s most trusted names in facility design. Now, it is attaching that dependable name to a process that makes sure critical building systems are functioning to an owner’s specified requirements and in accordance with the building’s designed intent.
Garver has added commissioning to its array of services, providing clients with an expert team of certified commissioning agents and technicians. Representing the owner, Garver’s agents will act as a third-party reporting body while working with contractors and designers to make sure a project has been designed and constructed to the owner’s desires. They will then verify and document building systems upon completion.

“Our team of certified agents will plan, organize, and implement the entire commissioning process,” said Garver Project Manager Brad Bradshaw. “We will make sure that systems are functioning properly before a new building gets up and running, and we can detect how systems in an existing building can be updated and improved.”

Garver will provide various types of commissioning services to clients, including new building commissioning, recommissioning, and retro-commissioning. Garver can commission projects designed by its own award-winning design team, or those designed outside of its office, working with the project team from the pre-design phase through completion. Commissioning projects designed by Garver’s team, ranked annually by Engineering News-Record as a top 500 design firm nationwide, will provide a streamlined process that eliminates additional contracts while still providing the same independent commissioning process that clients expect and deserve.

Certified by the AABC Commissioning Group, Garver will direct building systems testing to ensure that all systems have been installed and are performing correctly, document the results of all system and equipment verification checks, and prepare and submit a commissioning report detailing the results of all witnessed tests completed throughout the commissioning process.

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