Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Parker Accepted into ACEC College of Fellows

Garver Chief Administrative Officer Bert Parker has been accepted as a member in the ACEC
College of Fellows, a distinguished class of engineers who have been selected by their peers as deserving recognition for exemplary contributions to the profession. Bert is only the fifth engineer from Arkansas to be accepted as a fellow by this elite group. Former Garver President Brock Johnson is also included in that group.

In his 38 years of service at Garver, Bert helped transform the company’s transportation team into a regional powerhouse. His work as bridge manager led the initial expansion of Garver into Oklahoma and Mississippi, and the team soon began working in Tennessee, Alabama, and Kansas. Garver currently has 21 offices in 10 states.

Bert has worked on a variety of projects and contributed to the industry in many ways, but he considers his most rewarding achievement to be serving as the project manager of the I-540 Bobby Hopper Tunnel project in northwest Arkansas. That first and only highway tunnel in the state was the culmination of many years of environmental planning and transportation engineering to provide a highway through one of the most scenic corridors in the United States.

Congratulations, Bert!


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