Friday, November 11, 2016

Garver Honors America's Veterans

Garver honors and gives thanks to all the men and women who have served our country, as well as those who continue to serve our country through the nation’s military services. Today, we recognize those veterans who previously served our country to provide a safer nation and who now serve Garver in our mission to provide that same nation with sound infrastructure.

Thank you, veterans.

Wade Carpenter, Senior Project Surveyor, Survey
Guy Choate, Corporate Editor, Marketing
Colin Cordell, Intern, Information Technology
Darold Davis, Senior Project Manager, Transportation
Michael Hall, Technician, Water
Perry Havenar, Senior Planner, Aviation
Steve Haynes, Senior Project Manager, Transportation
Matt Koss, Project Manager, Aviation
Jerry Martin, Project Engineer, Water
Bryan Melton, Project Manager, Facilities Design
Melissa Mixon, Technician, Transportation
Jim Morris, Senior Construction Engineer, Construction
Robert Mullen, Construction Observer, Construction
Randall Richards, Project Engineer, Aviation
Lucio Rivas, Construction Observer, Construction
Jennifer Russell, Senior Project Manager, Transportation
Wallace Smith, Director of Federal Services, Federal
Kevin Sullivan, Senior Designer, Facilities Design
Jim Ward, Senior Construction Observer, Construction
Jeremy Weiland, Project Manager, Aviation
Dan Williams, President and CEO
Wendell Williams, Senior Construction Observer, Construction


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