Friday, November 20, 2015

Garver Publishes IQ Volume 7 Issue 3

The newest issue of Garver's IQ should be in subscribers' mailboxes soon. In the meantime, you can begin reading our online edition now. This edition features:

Director's Insight
Garver will always have opportunities for hardworking employees
The preservation and proliferation of our unified Garver culture is what makes us strong. That culture engages our employees to provide the highest level of service to our clients and establish their trust, while attracting others to join us in doing so.

Abilene Regional Airport

Abilene, Texas
Runway 17L-35R Rehabilitation
ABI's existing aircraft fleet mix and annual operations exceeded the structural capacity for its primary use runway, which was experiencing delamination on the pavement surface and sub-surface layers.

Frisco Trail
Fayetteville, Arkansas
New Connection
This $1.4 million project has opened up areas of the City to developers, who see the trail system as an amenity that helps make their development more desirable for future buyers or renters, whether that's students biking to class, or commercial businesses that cater directly to the trail's users.

Grace Creek WWTP
Longview, Texas
Increasing Performance
Garver prioritized the City's improvements based on condition and designed innovative solutions that focused on optimizing anaerobic digestion performance, increasing biogas production, and alleviating operations and maintenance challenges.

Environmental Team
All Garver Locations
Expanding Capabilities
The team is well versed in everything from site assessments to biological and habitat evaluations, NEPA documentation, wetlands and stream mitigation, and permitting and certification.


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