Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Garver Publishes IQ Volume 6 Issue 3

The newest issue of Garver's IQ should be in subscribers' mailboxes soon. In the meantime, you can begin reading our online edition now. This edition features:

Director's Insight
The Value of Attentiveness and Proactivity
"Scheduling or budgeting overruns can be detrimental and it's our job to detect the problems that might lead to such things."
Director of Construction Services Earl Mott 
Tulsa International Airport
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Repaving Runway 36R
"Watching the amount of communication and coordination between all the different contractors and subcontractors out here—for this project, with this tight of a deadline—it was an impressive thing to see." Construction Observer Billy Yates

Water Reclamation Center
Norman, Oklahoma
Energy Optimization Upgrade of Water Reclamation System
"We're continuously seeking ways to reduce energy, and with the help of Garver, we are confident of our success as we head into the future." — Plant Manager Steven D. Hardeman

Don Tyson Parkway Interchange
Springdale, Arkansas
New Interchange Supports Growth
"This project is another example of how Garver utilizes its strong relationships with regulatory agencies to meet requirements and deliver a complex transportation project of this size ahead of schedule on a routine basis."
Project Manager Jeff Webb

North Little Rock Municipal Airport
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Lighting Rehabilitation
"Garver's experience allows us to design systems that are streamlined while still preparing for future growth." — Senior Electrical Specialist Mike Massey


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