Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 million-gallon water storage tank elevated

Construction crews recently lifted a 3 million-gallon elevated water storage tank for Jacksonville Water Works. The Garver-designed tank will service water customers in the west area of Jacksonville, Ark. to include Little Rock Air Force Base, which is populated by over 6,000 military personnel and another 2,000 civilians.

“The tank can significantly reduce the air force base’s water pumping costs,” said Garver Project Manager Kirby Rowland.

The video below shows the six-hour process of raising the large tank in a matter of 14 seconds.


Edward Thirlwall said...

Amazing! I’m sure this is quite a task to take on oneself, but these guys made it look so simple (eventhough it took almost a full work day). I wonder how heavy this storage tank was? I once saw a documentary on a freight company and how they lifted and moved full containers around the dockyard. The whole process looked quite precarious and I was surprised that the men standing on the ground beneath seemed unfathomed by a box weighing a couple of tons, swinging in the wind above them!

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