Thursday, July 11, 2013

Garver welcomes new Wellness Coordinator Brad Jimerson

Director of Human Resources Tatiana Herrington, Wellness Coordinator Brad Jimerson, and Technician Intern Lucy Richardson

Garver introduced Wellness Coordinator Brad Jimerson with shaved ice and a chance to meet with employees at the North Little Rock, Arkansas office.

Brad’s broad range of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry, along with his experience in wellness program design and management, gives him a unique set of skills that will help Garver continue to progress its culture of wellness. He is currently developing a new intranet wellness site that will serve as the health and wellness resource for Garver employees. He will conduct first aid and CPR certification courses and is available for fitness and nutrition consultations.

Brad’s long-term wellness initiative is to construct a redesigned wellness program for Garver that will launch later this year with the goal of improving the health and wellbeing of all Garver employees.

Brad was an All-American track and field athlete in college and has a bachelor of science with an emphasis in kinesiology. After college, he worked as an NSCA-certified personal trainer in Dallas, where the American Heart Association recognized Brad as a certified BLS instructor. He entered the corporate wellness industry as a health and fitness specialist at Viverae, a corporate health management company. He was promoted to onsite wellness director and oversaw all of Viverae’s wellness program initiatives. He also worked as an exercise specialist for the Viverae Care Center where he performed VO2max testing, RMR testing, and body caliper testing. Brad also prescribed exercise and nutrition programs for his patients.

Welcome, Brad!

Senior Vice President Bert Parker, Senior Technician Hugh Williams, Wellness Coordinator Brad Jimerson


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