Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mike Massey Receives ADB Certification

Mike Massey, Garver Aviation Senior Designer and Master Electrician, has recently been certified as an ADB-Certified Airfield Professional for Airfield Lighting. This certification, given by one of the largest airfield equipment manufacturers in the nation, allows Mike to provide comprehensive services for airfield lighting equipment, including repair and alignment.

Mike's new capability has already proven beneficial. While performing consultant services for a municipal airport client in Arkansas, Mike and Project Engineer Kendall White inspected the airfield's Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs).

"Pilots had been complaining that the misaligned PAPIs were bringing pilots in too low on approach. We discovered that the PAPIs had experienced physical damage from an unknown source," said Mike. When he discovered these problems, Mike didn't just point them out—he identified the exact issues and provided an immediate solution. Kendall assisted Mike as he repaired the PAPIs and reset them to the correct alignment.

Mike's service is another example of Garver's commitment to continuing employee education and fulfilling client needs.


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