Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Garver Employees Volunteer for Science Fair

Employees from Garver's North Little Rock, Arkansas office volunteered their time to judge a science fair at Crystal Hill Elementary School. As a community partner to the school, Garver employees have provided volunteer services for programs like AR Kids Read. When the school needed help with judging, they asked if Garver employees could participate, and six employees jumped at the chance to judge the projects of 3rd-5th grade students. The projects involved everything from homemade ant spray to comparing battery brands to powering lights with lemons.

Garver employees participated to support scientific learning in schools, and Project Manager Josh Crawford was encouraged by what he saw.

"Because of the age of the children involved, I went into the judging expecting very basic science projects," Josh said. "I left very impressed with the experiments the children performed. From homemade generators to graphing surface areas of ice blocks versus melting times, I was encouraged by the scientific knowledge the 4th grade class displayed."

The 3rd-5th grade projects were equally impressive. "I enjoyed judging and was impressed at how the students understood and applied scientific principles and practices," said Beverly Green, Controller. "Judging the fair was another great volunteer opportunity for Garver to support our community."


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