Monday, February 11, 2013

Dan Williams Featured in Arkansas Business

In this week's Arkansas Business, the publication features Garver President and CEO Dan Williams in its Executive Q&A segment.

Dan was asked a number of questions about Garver and the engineering profession. He briefly shares his thoughts on what Garver has done to keep business strong during the economic downturn, what has sustained Garver's growth over the years, and what he learned about leadership from former Garver President Brock Johnson.

The publication did not have room to feature all of the questions and answers, so here's one you won't read anywhere else.

Arkansas Business: How have computers changed engineering?
Dan Williams: I've been fortunate to see the complete evolution of computers in engineering. When I started in 1981, our designs were done on a pad of "calc" paper, and our product was delivered by drawing those designs on large sheets of paper or linen with pencil or pen. Now, our engineers start and finish their designs on their computer screens. Computers have allowed us to consider more alternatives. Additionally, owners have benefited by seeing their projects modeled in 3-D, so they know how the finished product will look and operate before a shovel of dirt has been turned.

You can read the full article online by clicking here.


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