Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Executive Tour of Tupelo Bayou

Conway Corporation executives received a tour of the Tupelo Bayou WWTP site.

Garver’s Jim Ward and Gary Bennett led a tour of the rising Tupelo Bayou Wastewater Treatment Plant for executives from Conway Corporation. Construction is progressing for the facility, which is located in Conway, Arkansas. The WWTP will provide a 16 MGD capacity for the City of Conway, with a future maximum capacity of 32 MGD. Garver, who provided planning and design, is also overseeing the new WWTP’s construction. This $66 million construction stage began in early 2012 and involves almost two years of construction and 37,000 cubic yards of concrete. PC Construction is the general contractor building the facility.

PC Construction iron workers tie wall steel at Tupelo Bayou.

Conway Corporation has operated the city’s utilities for over 80 years. Conway is one of the fastest-growing communities in Arkansas, and Conway Corporation has made significant efforts toward infrastructure improvements, including the new WWTP. Garver staff led the tour of the construction site to demonstrate the project’s progress. Conway Corporation members at the tour included Richard Arnold, CEO; Bill Bethea, Assistant to the CEO; Randy Crowell, Chairman: Lori Ross, Vice Chairman; Bret Carroll, CFO; Tommy Shackleford, COO; Greg Dell, Manager of Engineering and Planning;  and Crystal Kemp, Head of Marketing.

Aerial photo of the construction site.

The Tupelo Bayou facility will replace the old Stone Dam Creek facility and features advanced disinfection methods. Instead of chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide, Tupelo Bayou will use UV disinfection, which is easily-expandable and cost-effective. Tupelo Bayou will also be the first WWTP in Conway to feature odor control.

This tour was also featured in an article published by Conway’s Log Cabin Democrat.


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