Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Awesome Summer Snapshots

Teaching elementary school in Uganda, traveling across Europe, kayak surfing the Illinois River, and running a 100-mile ultra-endurance marathon are just a few of the things Garver’s employees did this summer. We're all about work-life balance, and this summer we loved seeing snapshots into our employees' "life" activities. Some of the adventures and pictures were too awesome to keep to ourselves, so we wanted to share them with you. Here are five that stood out, and we've posted additional pictures on our Facebook page.

Project Engineer Caleb Coltrane and his wife spent two weeks in an Ugandan orphanage teaching elementary school and helping run a free medical clinic.

Project Manager Kyle Kruger ran the 100-mile Tahoe Rim Trail Ultramarathon. He also raced the Vapor Trail 125 Mountain Bike Race.

Project Engineer Zach Moore went kayak surfing on the Illinois River in Arkansas.

Regional Marketing Administrator Cindy Gran spent ten days traveling across Europe, including a visit to Stonehenge in southern England.

Project Engineer Mason Atkinson went to San Francisco and walked the Golden Gate Bridge, which he describes as "a big deal for a bridge engineer."

For more photos of employees doing cool stuff, visit our Facebook gallery.


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