Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Environmental Services Spotlight

Garver offers full-service environmental capabilities provided by proven and specialized industry leaders. We handle all aspects of the environmental process, which includes managing a wide range of impacts and providing agency coordination and environmentally compliant documents.

In accordance with regulations and guidelines, our environmental professionals are proficient in NEPA documentation, public involvement, and resource studies and management. Our knowledgeable industry experience and long-time relationships enable our teams to build a cooperative bridge between our clients and regulatory agencies.
Our environmental team has recently been bolstered by two career professionals.

Ray Balentine, PE is our Environmental Team Leader with 34 years of public and private engineering experience and 25 years of management, design, and planning responsibilities with the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Kirsten McCullough, AICP, RPA is an Environmental Project Manager and brings 15 years of environmental experience to Garver, including NEPA documentation, cultural resources investigations, and public involvement.
We are currently looking for an environmental scientist to join the Garver team and work with Ray, Kirsten, and the rest of the environmental services group. It's a great job providing environmental investigations and documentation while daily impacting Garver's projects. This position involves working in a variety of project types with diverse clients and internal project teams.


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