Monday, September 26, 2011

Kentucky's First All-LED Airfield

Russellville-Logan County Airport is the first all-LED airfield
in Kentucky.

Garver recently provided design and construction administration to improve the airport's lighting system, which was dated. The parallel taxiway didn't have edge lights or signage, the medium intensity runway lighting system was old, and the approach lights were not functioning correctly. The airport now features LED runway edge lights, LED taxiway signs, LED runway end identifier lights, and retro-reflectors for the parallel taxiway.

Converting the airside lights to LED technology will provide the airport with decreased operational costs, increase lighting system reliability, and improve airfield visibility for pilots.

Garver also worked to give the airport a new rotating beacon and beacon tower, standalone vault building, and equipment. Together, the enhancements work to improve safe airfield operations, especially during low-visibility conditions.

Over the past decade, Garver has provided electrical services on numerous projects that led the way in new airfield LED technology.

2002 - North Little Rock Municipal Airport: First LED taxiway edge lights in Arkansas
2008 - Arkadelphia Municipal Airport: One of the first LED REILs in Arkansas
2009 - Ada Municipal Airport: First LED airfield signs in Oklahoma
2009 - Little Rock National Airport: First LED runway guard lights in Arkansas
2011 - Paris Municipal Airport: First LED MIRLs in Arkansas
2011 - Russellville-Logan County Airport: First all-LED airfield in Kentucky


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