Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornado Relief Efforts

When the recent tornadoes swept through Alabama, Garver's Huntsville office spent a week without electricity. During that time, our employees worked in their communities. Jerry McCarley is Garver's Regional Office Administrator and works in the Huntsville office. The following message contains some of Jerry's thoughts as he's witnessed first-hand the vast destruction and Garver's outreach efforts.

"We've all been deeply affected by the destruction and loss of life caused by the April 27 tornadoes that struck the north Alabama area. The scale is staggering, and everyone in our Huntsville office knows a victim or someone who has lost everything.

"Over the past few weeks, Garver employees have responded to their neighbors' needs with an impressive effort that is helping the area begin to recover from the unprecedented disaster. Some grabbed their chain saws and tractors and went to work removing tree limbs and debris, which helped emergency vehicles reach the hardest hit areas. Others helped victims salvage personal items and memorabilia from the wreckage and found additional ways to comfort those who've lost everything. Our staff has handed out food and clothing, donated blood, and contributed financially. We've also offered to assist one of the most damaged communities with surveying, mapping, and basic planning services.

"This is deeply personal to us, and as a company and individuals, we will continue to help our communities recover."

According to the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and other emergency response organizations, the best way to help tornado victims and relief workers in the coming days is to make a financial contribution. The donations allow the organizations to meet specific needs in individual communities. Below are several ways to contribute:


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