Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mustang WWTP Upgrade - A Two-Phased Approach

Under a Department of Environmental Quality consent order to meet water quality targets, the City of Mustang, Okla. had to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant within a fiscally strapped budget. The city worked with Garver to tackle this major capital expense by designing the project in two phases, separating them by 10 years and utilizing government funding sources. The first phase is now complete, and the $6.1 million project has doubled the plant’s efficiency and capacity—and all without expanding the site’s footprint with new construction.

Garver worked with DEQ to develop a two-phased project that would bring the plant back into compliance and ultimately expand the facility to meet a 20-year build-out flow rate by 2017. Using a phased approach enabled the city to build the infrastructure necessary to treat 10 years worth of future wastewater flow now rather than tackling a full 20 years in one project. This also cut the improvement expenses into two manageable costs.

“In a project like this where you have everything go smoothly, it comes in under budget, and it comes in on time, it truly is a great example of the kind of working relationships that we like to have and the partnership that it takes with engineering firms such as Garver,” said J.D. Strong, Oklahoma Secretary of Environment and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Read more about this project in Garver's upcoming issue of IQ, our quarterly newsletter.


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