Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IQ Volume 2 Issue 3

The newest issue of Garver's IQ newsletter is hitting the streets. This issue features:

An arsenic-treatment technology that is helping an Oklahoma city reclaim its water and revenue. High arsenic levels within drinking water have forced cities to shut down their supply wells, resulting in the surrender of expensive infrastructure and accumulation of idle assets. Rather than accept this forfeiture, the city of Norman pursued an innovative arsenic-removal system to reclaim abandoned wells.

A concrete-recycling method that helped an international airport save millions of dollars in reconstruction costs. When a primary runway at Nashville International Airport in Tennessee required full-depth reconstruction, Garver pursued a progressive concrete-recycling method to reuse the pavement, which saved the client an estimated $2 million in aggregate costs alone.

Garver provides design on a Corps of Engineers project 1,000 miles away. Garver worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a $31 million project to construct a new Bureau of Indian Affairs Wingate High School in Fort Wingate, N.M.

When DOTs face critical deadlines, Garver answers the call. Departments of transportation rely on Garver to provide fast and reliable service through on-call contracts.

Need CE&I? Garver is strengthening its diverse field of work by enhancing its construction services group and pursuing construction engineering and inspection opportunities.

Watch your mailbox for IQ or read it online along with past issues.


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