Friday, April 30, 2010

Arsenic Removal Presentation

Garver Water Team Leader Michael Graves and Project Engineer Mary Elizabeth Mach will advance an arsenic-removal system case study as guest speakers at an international conference. Graves and Mach will present "Reclaiming Water and Revenue through Wellhead Arsenic Removal" on August 16 at the 2010 APWA International Public Works Congress and Exposition in Boston, Massachusetts.

The two will examine the pilot demonstration project undertaken by the City of Norman, Oklahoma for a turnkey arsenic-removal system. The demonstration tested an adsorbent iron oxide media that had never been used in Oklahoma. Results indicate that this technology is a very cost-effective solution to reclaim existing well infrastructure and the lost revenue associated with groundwater containing high levels of arsenic. The session will examine:

  1. The system's ability to effectively remove arsenic.
  2. Evaluate the operability of system and various operational parameters.
  3. Discuss options for system-wide implementation to reclaim lost infrastructure and revenue.


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