Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wellhead Treatment System gives Arsenic the Boot

Great news continues to pour out of Norman, Oklahoma as the city pursues an innovative arsenic-removal system. The city is working to reclaim its abandoned wells and provide a cost-effective answer for other municipalities seeking wellhead treatment solutions for high arsenic.

At a recent city water forum, Garver Project Manager Michael Graves confirmed that a year-long demonstration project effectively reduced levels of arsenic to below 10 ppb in a sample well. The success of the project motivated city officials to purchase the system, making the wellhead arsenic-removal system a permanent fixture, and the first of its kind in Oklahoma.

Garver's study reveals that the arsenic-removal system is a competitive way to produce water. This is especially true when comparing it to the cost of expanding conventional water treatment plants or buying finished water from neighboring municipalities.

The Norman Transcript recently ran an article about the city moving forward on arsenic removal.


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